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Paracide Green

Paracide Green

Paracide Green is an excellent broad spectrum remedy for treatment of external fungal infections and Ich (white spot disease). Eliminates parasites, fungus, protozoa, and bacteria.

Paracide Green is an excellent broad spectrum remedy for treatment of external fungal infections, ich or white spot disease, fungus, external protozoa, and flukes.

Paracide Green should not be used with salt levels over .1%. Also use extreme caution: be sure you know your pond water volume. DO NOT OVERDOSE with this product. Make sure your pond has good aeration!

Remove activated carbon and turn off UV light during treatment period.

Use this medication when the water temperature is above 60 degrees F.

Item #
Paracide Green 250 ml. Treats 2500 gals.
C$ 34.98
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Paracide Green 1L Treats 10000 gals.
C$ 69.98
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