Bioverse Blast

Bioverse Blast
Blast advances the decomposition of floating and suspended organic matter in fountains, fish waters, and small ponds through a proprietary blend of multiple strains and species of beneficial bacteria. Blast is best used in combination with the 1,000 gallon Biodegradable Sphere, Pond Cleaning Dispense System or the AquaLily, as a means to compensate for seasonal spikes in nutrients and temperature. You would use Blast in the beginning of the season if you are seeing organic floating material already started or in the consecutive months if you start to see suspended organic material form within the pond treat with Blast. Blast comes in 5 pre-measured, easy to dispense packets. The water soluble bags (the bags look plastic) will dissolve in the water withtin 1 minute of tossing in the pond. Make sure your hands are dry before handling the water soluble packs.
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Blast 5pk each pouch treats up to 2500gal
C$ 12.99
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