Crystal Clear

Muck Off

Muck Off
  • Breaks Down Fish Waste & Dead Algae
  • Eliminates Muck & Odors
  • Removes Bottom Sludge

CrystalClear® MuckOff™ tablets are easy to use in pond with rocks and gravel. The natural bacteria tablets will sink to the bottom of the pond to reduce muck caused from dead algae and fish waste. The tablets will clear water and reduce ammonia levels by removing excess nutrients and reducing sediment. Apply once a month when water temperatures are above 50°F

Dosage rate; 3 tabs per 500 US gallons, every 14 days.

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Muck Off 24 tab Bottle
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Muck Off 48 tab Bottle
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Muck Off 96 tab Bottle
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Muck Off 384 tab Bucket
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