Restore - Fungus Control

Restore - Fungus Control

ReStore™ - Fungus Control keeps your koi or goldfish safe from commonly found parasitic protozoans such as, Ichthyopthirius, Trichodina, Costia and Chilodonella. ReStore™ is also very good for treating many common bacterial diseases.

  • Removes & Controls Skin Fungus
  • Quick & Easy Treatment
  • Safe For Fish & Plants

Ichthyophthirius (Ick)
What Is It: Ick is a parasitic protozoan that lives under fishes skin. It is a very pervasive parasite and left untreated can kill every fish in the pond very quickly. Warning Signs: Fish will exhibit white spots, clamped fins, slimy skin, may become listless, loss of appetite. Cause: Sudden cold, overcrowding, overfeeding, poor water quality including high ammonia or nitrite levels and poor dissolved oxygen content.

What Is It: A protozoan parasite that is oval or saucer-shaped in appearance and can be found on the fins, body and gills. Warning Signs: Fish covered in grayish film covering body, scratching, disinterest in feeding, gasping for air, areas of redding and jumping. Cause: Overcrowding, poor water quality and stress.

What Is It: A flagellate parasite found both internally and externally and is very active in the early Spring time. Warning Signs: Laboured and/or heavy breathing, disinterested in feeding, lethargic, covered in excess mucus. Cause: Active between 50˚F and 77˚F and can be transferred from pond to pond on nets and koi socks.

What Is It: A protozoan parasite that looks similar to a black-eyed pea and can be found on the fins, body and gills, typically in the early Spring. Warning Signs: Grayish film covering body, scratching, disinterest in feeding, jumping, and may become lethargic. Cause: Poor water quality, overcrowding and stress.

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