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PraziPond Plus Praziquantel

PraziPond Plus Praziquantel

Parasites, Lice & Anchor Worms
Prazi Pond ( Praziquantel )
( pray-zih-KWON-tel )

PraziPond Plus Praziquantel ( “Prazi” ) is the preeminent treatment for flukes. ‘Prazi’ is by far the most gentle, yet effective treatment for flukes available to our hobby. The real bonus with ‘Prazi’ is that when you treat for flukes it also rids the fish of any internal parasites or worms.

‘Prazi’ is also a dewormer for humans and dogs and cats. ‘Prazi’ is so gentle that children as young as 5 years old can take the drug. For dogs and cats it is sold as "Droncit", a dewormer pill.

‘Prazi’ is extremely effective for the treatment of external flukes, liver flukes, internal parasites and internal worms in koi, goldfish and tropical fish. ‘Prazi’ is a one time treatment and because it is so gentle, it does NOT require any water changes after treatment and you do NOT need to bypass your biofilter. Prazi also will work with any amount of salt in the pond and it is not water temperature dependant.

It is also 100% ‘legal’ unlike Supaverm. ‘Prazi’ has been sought after for years as the fluke treatment of choice but has been unavailable in our hobby, until NOW.

As a preventative, we recommend treating once a year in early Spring.

Available in 10 gram bottles (Treats 1,000 gallons), 50 gram bottles (Treats 5,000 gallons) and 100 gram bottles (treats 10,000 gallons).

Item #
Praziquantel 10g
C$ 46.99
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Praziquantel 50g
C$ 199.99
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Praziquantel 100g
C$ 359.99
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