Laguna Media

Laguna Filter Media Bags

Laguna Filter Media Bags

Laguna Filter Media Bags (2) are perfectly sized to fit most pond filters. Placing the filter media in the bag provides an easy and convenient way of installing media inside the filter chamber.

When the media is completely exhausted, you can easily remove and replace it with a new bag. The mesh material can hold most loose filter media, such as Laguna Pond Peat and Barley Straw, and allows water to pass through it thoroughly. It comes complete with a fastening seal.

CarbClear: Polishes pond water and removes medications, discoloration, and organic pollution. As well as controles odors.

Zeo-Carb-Clear: Zeo-Carb-Clear controls ammonia and helps reduce odors while clarifing pond water.

Amrid Clear: Amrid Clear absorbs toxic ammonia helps clarify pond water. Promotes and protects pond water quality.

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Laguna Media Filter Bag
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