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Laguna Power-Clear Multi

Laguna Power-Clear Multi

Laguna's new Power-Clear Multi with integrated 13-watt UV. We really like this little filter, it's great for smaller ponds, where an in-pond filter is needed, and it's great for quarantine systems. We tested ours out on a wintering home for Koi and Goldfish. The UV kept the water crystal clear, and the filter literally took only minutes to clean.

Being ALL-IN-ONE has it's advantages :)

PT-1817 Is rated for up-to 1000 US gallons, we suggest keeping it 500 US gallons of less, unless you have low stocking levels. Flow rate is 580 GPH, and only draws18-watts. 13-watt UV, biofiltration and mechanical filtration ALL-IN-ONE. Cord length is 10 metres.

Includes 2 fountain heads (waterbell & multi-tier)

3 year warranty

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Laguna PowerClear Multi 1000 Service Kit 2 foam pads/UV lamp 13w
C$ 41.99
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Laguna PowerClear Multi 1000 13w UV
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C$ 311.99
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