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Legacy Mini Pellets

Legacy Mini Pellets

Microbe Lift Legacy Mini Pellets Koi food is specially designed for koi and pond fish 4" and under.

The mini pellet size insures that your koi gets the proper nutrition. The stabilized Vitamin C in these mini pellets help to promote proper tissue development.

As with all Microbe Lift Legacy Koi Food, Microbe Lift Legacy Mini Pellets will not cloud the water.

  • Contains Probiotics that produce Enzymes to help break down carbohydrates, protein & fat.
Item #
Mini Pellets 12 oz.
C$ 19.99
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Mini Pellets 2.4 lb.
C$ 37.99
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Mini Pellets 6 lb.
C$ 72.99
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Mini Pellets 40lb
C$ 239.99
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