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Laguna 315 watt De-Icer

Laguna 315 watt De-Icer

PowerHeat Heated De-Icer for Ponds, 315 watts

Product Features:
• Keeps an area thawed, preventing the pond from completely freezing and allows for crucial gas exchange.
• Safe for plastic and liner ponds, will not harm fish.
• Convenient hook for installing aeration hosing.
• Automatic shutoff that prevents overheating.
• Includes a 15-watt heating element that melts snowfall on contact.
• 22 ft (7 m) cord with grounded plug.

Safe for plastic and liner ponds and won't harm fish and plants. The unit includes a highly visible LED pilot light that indicates when it's on, a 15-watt heating element that melts snowfall on contact to allow clear visibility of the LED light, a thermostatically-controlled on/off feature that prevents overheating and saves energy costs, and a 22 ft (7 m) electrical cord with grounded plug.


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Laguna 315 watt De-Icer
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