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Savio Bottom Drain Kit

Savio Bottom Drain Kit

Remove filter debris quickly and easily with the Savio Livingponds Filter Bottom Drain Kit.

This kit is compatible with any Savio Livingponds Filter and features quick installation and assembly. Simply attach the male adapter to the lower bulkhead of the filter, affix the desired length of PVC pipe (not included), and install the included knife valve onto the opposite end of the pipe.

The Savio Livingponds Filter Bottom Drain Kit channels any undesirable water out of your filter and away from your pond. Drain the nutrient-rich water from the pipe by lifting the knife valve, and use the water to feed nearby plants and shrubs.

The Savio Livingponds Filter Bottom Drain Kit helps provide a sparkling water garden for many seasons.

Item #
External Pump Kit
C$ 29.98
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Living Ponds Filter Bottom Drain Kit
C$ 39.98
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Mechanical Fill Valve
C$ 69.98
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Midwater Intake Kit
C$ 99.98
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