Sequence Pumps

Sequence 1000 Pumps

Sequence 1000 Pumps

Sequence pumps are end-suction centrifugal units, designed to be placed outside the pond or water. This means no devastating 'oil slicks', no dangerous electrical situations, and no messy wading or diving to service the unit. This protects you as well as your fish!

Motor Type
Sequence motors are totally enclosed for maximum protection. Their breakthrough design provides for ultra low watt consumption, along with low temperature rise.

Sequence pumps are manufactured in the USA of the best materials available. The motors are specially designed and custom built for long term continuous duty. Each Sequence pump is fully bench tested prior to shipping.

Sequence pumps produce a maximum flow rate with minimal electrical consumption. The money saved from lower operating costs, can pay for the pump in a matter of months.

Sequence pumps are industrial grade equipment. When properly installed, they provide you with years of dependable, trouble free service.

ModelSizeHeadMax FlowMax Draw
4300SEQ20 1/6 H.P. 20' MAX HEAD 4300 US gph 253 WATTS
Item #
Sequence 1000 1/6 HP 4300SEQ20
C$ 799.98
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