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Algae can be one of the biggest annoyances in pond keeping, but lets not be so harsh. First, algae isn't a bad thing. Its actually very healthy for your pond, and we want it. It helps to keep your pond balanced, it is food for your fish, and it helps to keep your water from turning green.

So why does algae get such a bad rap?

Mainly because an over growth of it can be very unsightly. Lets look at the reasons of why that can happen, steps to take naturally, and some products that can solve your issues.

1) The biggest issue; over feeding your fish (if your algae is longer than 1/2 an inch, you're feeding too much

2) Overstocked; fish are pretty, and its fun to watch them zip around the pond. Too many fish =t oo much food = too much waste = too much fertilizer!

3) Not enough filtration; you can never have too much.

4) Too much sun; add shade by adding plants or a sun sail over the pond.

5) Not enough small water changes; you should be removing a minimum of 20% of your pond water a month. Evaporation doesn't count! You need to physically remove the water. The easiest way, is when you backwash your filters WEEKLY drop the water lever 10% - 20% using the water for your garden or lawn..don't waste it.

Are you adding a sludge eating product to your pond? No? You should be. We recommend the Bioverse AquaSphere Balls and Blast OR Microbe-Lift PL, Sludge Away, Interpet Pond Balance, Clarity Max etc OR Crystal Clear Muck-Away, Pond Shock. All are fish safe and easy to use.

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