AquaScape Test Kit

AquaScape Test Kits (KH and Copper)

AquaScape Test Kits (KH and Copper)AquaScape Test Kits (KH and Copper)

If you are using an IONIZER on your pond, then you'll want to keep a very sharp eye on your KH and Copper levels. Koi are very sensitive to copper, and will usually exhibit stress related behavior when it gets too high. Please don't wait for them to display stress before you test.

Your copper levels shouldn't read. As in..there should be no measurable amount of copper in your water. This is especially obvious, if you have no algae in your pond. When using the AquaScape test kit you DO NOT want your level to be in the first number range. Partially between zero and the first number, is as high as you want. It should NOT be pink. If it is, please do a water change, and pull your unit from the water.

KH is extremely important for your pond. Its critical to the growth of your fish and your biological function of your filter. It is also critical to your IONIZER working correctly, or at all.

KH should be kept over 80 ppm

If you need to boost your KH, please purchase Microbe-Lift Alkalinity KH Booster

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