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Koi Toilet 4" w/aerator

Koi Toilet 4

The Koi Toilet Series drains have made a stand in todays pond market. They are built to last and offer many features that other drains do not offer.

  • Sweep bottom design to eliminate trapping debris.
  • Full 4" height over horizontal discharge pipe.
  • 1" Air supply connection at the bottom through center column.
  • Screws are fully encapsulated in large and strong screw pockets.
  • Threaded center column for easy disassemble and maintenance.
  • Wide and thick flange for better liner grip.
  • Slanted air dome and high quality air diffuser with internal check valve function.
Item #
Koi Toilet 4-in. Without Aerator
C$ 144.99
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Koi Toilet 4-in. w/aerator
Was C$ 499.99
C$ 439.99
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